Open Bar Options at SkyBar

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Open Bar Open bars tend to get the party going and keep it going late into the night, but make it much more difficult to control costs. Let’s look at some pricing options and then we’ll talk about different ways to control costs from both the bars perspective and the hosts perspective. An open bar, […]

What is a Beergasm? and how to get one

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Definition: beer·gasm ˈbeerˌɡazəm/ noun 1. a climax of beer excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the stomach,  a sucking motion of the mouth on a beverage container and experienced as an accompaniment cold rush of fluid down the esophagus to the pleasure zone followed by an “ahhhh” sound. verb 2. experience a beergasm. example: A […]

Halloween SkyParty 2016

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The Party was a success! If you missed it, no worries, we have more coming up! Come in a costume and party with us. Meet people, visit places! We have every hour a raffle going on and give out a full bottle to the winner. The grand prize of $200 will be given to some […]