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It’s very easy to think you can just “go anywhere” to celebrate someone’s day of birth, especially when Tamarindo has a lot of establishments to propel this thought process. There are beach bars, and clubs in all different shapes and sizes.

But all bars and clubs are not created equal on the birthday front; in fact, some (most) are indisputably terrible for this. It’s important to know the standouts, so you don’t end up trying to squeeze a group of 35 people into a bar the size of your apartment and you have the feeling the interior is so light you could have gone to the beach instead while some of the crowd is “pre-drinking” from cheap plastic cups with alcohol that is unlikely top-shelf, just to save a few bucks…

If you want to get that classy birthday dinner-party feel without actually having a birthday dinner (because those are awful), this is your spot. Get here early to take over the back area or the VIP penthouse floor, where top waiters will serve you delicious handcrafted cocktails and probably not sing to you in unison. SkyBar is an ideal spot to unpretentiously celebrate another year of life.

Oh, and happy birthday. It’s probably somebody’s.

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